Requirements in Applying for Visa to Brazil for Tourism Purposes

List of Requirements in Applying for Visa to Brazil for Tourism

REQUIREMENTS IN APPLYING FOR VISA TO BRAZIL – You can check the list below for the specific documents needed in applying for a travel visa.

Are you planning to visit Brazil soon? It is a home to many beautiful tourist destinations and it is best not to miss them. It would be great to leave the country with a lot of memories and experiences that you can treasure in a lifetime.

Requirements in Applying for Visa to Brazil
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When you are in Brazil, you might like to see in person the world’s famous Christ the Redeemer monument in Rio de Janerio. Also, don’t miss the Iguacu Falls that will surely give you a brief heart-stopping moment with its beauty. If you are into beaching, you can go to Copacobana which is a narrow strip of land between the sea and the mountain.

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You might also love to experience the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval in Brazil which is held before the beginning of Lent. A huge party is held in Rio de Janeiro. In Brazil, Ipanema is another beach that awaits you and your loved ones for a splendid experience.

It is important to note that Brazil is not one of the visa free countries. Meanwhile, for the purpose of tourism, there are only a few documentary requirements in applying for a visa to Brazil. Here are the documents that you must prepare:

  • a valid Philippine passport
    • at least 6 months with at least two blank pages
    • copy of passport’s data page
  • photograph
    • 3cm x 4cm in size
    • taken from the front with white background
    • applicant’s face and shoulders must be centered
    • eyes must look directly into the camera
    • no glare or reflections in the photo
    • facial expression should be neutral
    • eyes must be open and visible
    • no pacifiers and toys in children’s photos
  • round-trip flight ticket
    • Formal letter from the applicant’s sponsor (if applicable)
  • Travel or Health Insurance
  • proof of financial means to support stay in Brazil
    • bank statements within the last 3-month period
  • confirmation of hotel reservations with hotel’s name, address and contact number
  • signed receipt after submitting the online application

If you are traveling to Brazil with a minor child, prepare the following documentary requirements in appplying for a visa to Brazil for tourism purpose:

  • proof of means during the applicant’s stay in the country from the parents
  • original birth certificate or a notarized copy of the birth certificate
  • In case the minor is traveling alone, with one parent, or with a third-party, present a letter of consent that gives authority for a visa signed by both parents or the legal guardians

Apply for a visa at Brazil Embassy in Manila. It is located at 16th Floor, Liberty Center 104 H.V. de la Costa Street Salcedo Village in Makati City.

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