National Museum Director Responds to Negative Comments About “Yoga Sessions”

The director general of the National Museum of the Philippines has responded to the negative comments they have received regarding their “yoga sessions.”

The National Museum faced criticism after hosting yoga classes in front of Juan Luna’s Spoliarium.

National Museum Reacts to Feedback Over Yoga Classes in Front of Spoliarium

National Museum airs side on feedback about yoga classes in front of Juan Luna’s Spoliarium

YOGA SESSION IN FRONT OF SPOLIARIUM – The National Museum of the Philippines has responded to public feedback on their recently introduced yoga classes.

Director General Jeremy Barnes revealed that the “Yoga at the Museum” project was launched in line with Museum and Galleries Month in October, with a focus on wellness and spirituality, in alignment with Mental Health Awareness Month. The yoga and meditation classes are conducted in the Spoliarum Hall, following the theme “Exhibits and Reflections: Crafting Opportunities for the New World.”

Barnes noted that the initiative was experimental, and they were not prepared for the strong reaction it received. He emphasized the importance of considering all feedback, whether positive or negative, and expressed gratitude to those who shared their concerns.

“We said, let’s promote wellness,” he said. “Let’s promote yung spirituality and well-being, and yoga, and ilagay natin sa isang meaningful na lugar dito sa loob ng museum to promote itong idea na itong museum is a place for mental health, for spiritual improvement.”

“It was something new, experimental,” he added. “We didn’t expect a strong reaction. We thought people would say, ‘Oh okay, nakakaiba.’ But you know, we take note.”

The National Museum is now in a phase of listening and evaluating the feedback. They intend to determine the success and suitability of the concept for the Philippines, even if it is popular in other countries, emphasizing an open and inclusive approach to opinions.

The “Yoga at the Museum” program began on October 4, and it elicited mixed reactions online. Some praised the museum for blending art and spirituality, while others criticized it as disrespectful to Juan Luna’s iconic artwork and expressed concerns about potential humidity affecting the painting due to exercising in the Spoliarum Hall.

As of now, the National Museum has not announced any specific yoga schedules.

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