Yoga Session in Front of ‘Spoliarium’ at the National Museum Elicits Comments

Netizens had mixed reactions to the yoga session in front of the ‘Spoliarium’ at the National Museum

YOGA SESSION – Netizens had mixed reactions regarding whether it was appropriate to use the expansive space in front of Juan Luna’s painting “Spoliarium” as a venue for a yoga session inside the National Museum of the Philippines in Manila.

The National Museum of the Philippines itself shared a video of the yoga session in front of Juan Luna’s historic masterpiece, which is one of the museum’s main attractions.

In the caption, it noted: “Earlier today, the National Museum of the Philippines conducted the first of four sessions of ‘Yoga at the Museum’ at the Spoliarium Hall in the National Museum of Fine Arts. 18 participants joined the first session, entitled ‘Halina (to come).’ The first session was a Vinyasa class taught by registered yoga instructor Allan Enriquez.”

Netizens immediately shared their opinions on the matter. Some expressed discomfort, questioning the appropriateness of using Juan Luna’s masterpiece as a backdrop for a yoga session. Others found the situation awkward and questioned the significance of doing yoga in a location that houses such a valuable and historic artwork.

A few criticized the event organizers, believing that the choice of venue lacked sensitivity and understanding of the painting’s cultural and historical significance. There were suggestions for alternative events, such as symposiums or history classes, that would be more fitting for the museum’s environment.

Meanwhile, the National Museum had recently issued guidelines for showing respect towards artworks inside the museum, including adherence to a dress code when visiting. However, as of now, the National Museum’s management has not issued an official statement regarding the yoga in front of Juan Luna’s “Spoliarium.”

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