Kamikazee – Sorsogon Issue: Two Sides of the Story

Did the governor of Sorsogon do the right thing by sending Kamikazee away?

KAMIKAZEE – The Filipino rock band is generating online buzz after they were sent home and were not allowed to perform in Sorsogon.

During a concert featuring several bands, Governor Hamor took the stage and, while apologizing, announced that Kamikazee would no longer be able to perform. He said that the band was sent home and not allowed to stay at their hotel; instead, they were taken to the airport.

Governor Hamor did not specify what exactly the members of Kamikazee did, but he claimed they had shown disrespect to the people of Sorsogon. On the other hand, Sorsogon Public Information Officer Dong Mendoza stated that the governor became upset when the band refused to have their picture taken at the province’s attraction, the 16,000 Blue Roses.

The band reportedly initially agreed to the photo shoot but did not follow through on the day of the pictorial. Another reason cited for the canceled performance is that the group poked fun at the governor, referring to him as a “driver” for always wearing white.

As the saying goes, there are always two sides to the story. While some netizens agree with what the governor of Sorsogon did, others stand in defense of Kamikazee. According to them, it is natural for the group, particularly Jay Contreras, to engage in playful banter during a show or concert.

As a long-time fan of Kamikazee, since they first gained fame, I believe that the governor was simply offended by the group’s remarks. I can attest to how playful Jay is, especially during his shows, and it seems that the governor did not take the joke in stride.

While the remark may have been somewhat offensive, the governor should have tried to understand the group better or conducted some research about them. Nonetheless, we cannot definitively judge the governor’s actions in how he treated Kamikazee.

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