Darryl Yap Takes a Swipe at Francis Magalona’s “Kabit”

The “kabit” of Francis Magalona receives a furious remark from Darryl Yap

DARRYL YAP – The famous director took to social media to take a swipe at the other woman, or “kabit,” of Francis Magalona.

The late King of Rap in the Philippines made headlines after a certain Abegail Rait, who claimed to be his ex-lover, emerged along with her daughter Gaile Francesca, asserting their existence. The former flight attendant made her appearance on the YouTube show “Pinoy Pawnstars” of Boss Toyo.

During their appearance on the show, Abegail sold some memorabilia of the Master Rapper, including a jersey and some signed letters. She even shared a photo of them together. She also brought their 15-year-old daughter, whom Francis himself had named Gaile Francesca.

Apparently, her revelation drew negative criticism from netizens. In fact, a netizen earlier wrote on Twitter: “I find it weird watching the video of Pinoy Pawnstar where a homewrecker revealed her affair with Francis M., saying, ‘I remained silent for 15 years.’ Of course, you will. You’re a mistress. Duh.”

The Twitter post, in which Abegail was called a “homewrecker”, was liked by none other than Francis Magalona Jr., aka Frank. While the Magalona family has yet to issue any statement or reaction regarding Rait’s revelation, the former flight attendant and her child continue to receive negative feedback from netizens.

Among those who commented on the issue is none other than director Darryl Yap. In a Facebook post, he noted: “nanahimik daw siya sa loob ng 15 years. teh, kabit ka, dapat hanggang ngayon tahimik ka.”

Meanwhile, Francis M. was renowned as the Master Rapper or King of Rap in the Philippines. In 2008, he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, but he continued to work on his music and collaborate with other artists during his treatment. Tragically, he passed away on March 6, 2009, due to multiple organ failure and septic shock, leaving a significant legacy in Filipino music.

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