Baby Giant’s Hospital Scene in Batang Quiapo Elicits Comments: “Bakit nag-25-25?”

The hospital scene of Baby Giant in Batang Quiapo has elicited mixed reactions

BABY GIANT – The hospital scene of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo star has elicited mixed reactions from netizens.

Recently, the Facebook page “Hopiang Makaduday” posted a photo of Baby Giant, whose real name is Renz Joshua Baña, with the caption: “Anong nangyari kay Baby GIANT sa Batang Quiapo (TV series)? Bakit nag-25-25? (emoji).”

In the photo, he can be seen lying on a hospital bed. Baby Giant suffered serious injuries after becoming involved in a heated altercation between the group of Tanggol and Bong while they were inside a prison cell. The confrontation escalated into a physical brawl, ultimately leading to stabbing. According to the doctor, he urgently needs surgery because there is internal bleeding that could be life-threatening.

Baby Giant and Coco Martin
Photo credit to the owner

However, netizens responded differently to the caption of the mentioned post, sharing humorous comments. One netizen humorously suggests that Baby Giant’s condition might be attributed to dengue fever, a common illness among children. Another netizen implied that Baby Giant’s suffering is akin to a baby teething, which is a common and relatively minor issue among infants.

A social media user humorously suggests that Baby Giant’s current state is typical for premature babies, as if his condition is just a result of being born early. Another netizen humorously speculates that Baby Giant’s condition is because he hasn’t been burped properly.

A netizen also suggests that Baby Giant might have “drowned” in a water dipper (tabo) – a humorous exaggeration that doesn’t make sense in a real-world context. While another netizen suggests that Baby Giant’s condition is merely a result of a “big fever” and implies that he will grow out of it.

Previously, Baby Giant also went viral because of a photo with social media personality Toni Fowler and fellow actors from the mentioned series.

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