Architecture Student Shares Plate Mishap “Ayaw ko na umulit palusutin nyo to”

2nd-Year Architecture Student Shares Plate for his History of Architecture Class

An architecture student has shared his plate mishap for his History of Architecture class, saying, “Ayaw ko na umulit palusutin nyo to.”

Vincent Emmanuel De Guzman, a Facebook user, recently shared his frustrating setback in his academic journey. The post immediately spread like wildfire online and garnered various reactions from the internet users.

De Guzman’s academic journey hit a bump in the road when he accidentally tore his plate for his History of Architecture class. Plates refer to visual presentations of architectural designs, often meticulously crafted and time-consuming to produce.

Architecture Student

Vincent had put in extra effort by starting his plate well in advance to avoid last-minute stress.

“Ginawa ko ‘yung plate nang mas maaga para hindi ako matambakan ng gawain pero napunit lang. Naisip ko noon “If di pa due, don’t do.” Gagawan ko sana ng paraan kaso nung tinanggal ko yung tape, nabutas pa kaya uulitin ko na lang,” he said.

His response to the unexpected incident reveals a valuable lesson about adaptability and not allowing setbacks to hinder his progress.

The architecture student’s determination to overcome this challenge shows his proactive approach to the current situation.

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Vincent’s decision to redo the plate, even though the deadline was still some distance away proves his commitment to producing quality work and meeting his academic responsibilities head-on.

The student’s story reminds us that success often requires a combination of talent, dedication, and the ability to navigate obstacles along the way.”

Hindi pa po ako gumagawa ng bago dahil [mahaba] pa naman ang deadline,” he added.

The online community expressed their reactions to his plate:

Architecture Student

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