Abegail Rait’s Old Comment About Her Plan to Introduce Daughter to Showbiz Resurfaces

An old comment of Abegail Rait about her plan to introduce Gaile Francesca to show business has resurfaced

ABEGAIL RAIT – An old comment by the former flight attendant regarding her plan to introduce her daughter Gaile Francesca to showbiz has resurfaced.

Rait, a former flight attendant, garnered significant attention on social media when she claimed to have had a romantic relationship with the late ‘Master Rapper’ Francis M. before his passing in 2009. During an appearance on Boss Toyo’s show, Pinoy Pawnstars, Abegail revealed that her connection with Francis went beyond a romantic affair, resulting in the birth of their child, Gaile Francesca.

Abegail also took advantage of their exposure on the show to showcase Francesca’s talents, asserting that her daughter had inherited her father’s skills. She described Francesca as proficient in dancing, singing, rapping, and drawing, all akin to her father’s abilities.

According to Abegail, Francesca aspired to enter the entertainment industry, following in her father’s footsteps. Abegail stated, “Soon, lalabas siya [sa showbiz].” Following Abegail’s revelation, numerous internet users discovered that she seemed to be preparing her daughter for a career in the entertainment industry.

This was after an old comment about her plan to introduce Francesca to showbiz resurfaced. One of Abegail’s friends commented, “Ate Abby, hindi pwedeng di magartista to ha?” To this, Abegail replied, “Yes, dear.”

Given the exposure Abegail received, it’s possible that talent scouts are already considering Francesca for opportunities. If these claims prove true, Francesca is expected to adopt the stage name ‘Francesca M.’ Some critics speculated that Abegail’s disclosure about her relationship with Francis was primarily intended to draw attention to her daughter in the public eye.

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As of the current time, none of the Magalona family members have issued a response regarding Abegail Rait’s claims.

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