Abegail Rait Fails to Win in the Barangay Election

Abegail Rait did not secure a post in the recent elections

ABEGAIL RAIT – The alleged former partner of Francis Magalona, reportedly failed to secure a position in the barangay election.

Earlier, the former flight attendant turned to social media, where she congratulated those who emerged victorious in the elections in Toclong 2-B, Imus Cavite. Simultaneously, she expressed gratitude to the people who supported her throughout the campaign.

“It is with humble appreciation to all the supporters who fought for us a good battle and rest assured that we are one in serving goodwill with earnest effort to find ways to make our better community to come together,” said Abegail. Apparently, Abegail Rait placed 8th after the votes were counted.

Prior to the elections, Abegail made headlines after appearing on the Pinoy Pawnstars show with Boss Toyo, where she claimed to have had a relationship with the late master rapper. During her appearance, she also introduced her daughter with Francis M, Gaile Francesca. According to her, she kept their relationship secret for 15 years, but they believed it was time to reveal it to the public.

However, their claims faced heavy criticism. It was eventually discovered that Abegail Rait was running for a position in the barangay election while her daughter was pursuing a career in show business. The timing of their appearance raised questions about their true intentions.

Moreover, it was only recently that Gaile Francesca Rait had a one-on-one interview with Julius Babao. At one point, she expressed her willingness to meet her father’s other children and hoped that they would accept her as part of the family. She emphasized that her intentions were purely positive and that she had no plans to disrupt the Magalona family. Francesca conveyed, “I want to tell them that I hope they accept me. I don’t have any bad intentions, I just…”

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