TIN Requirements in Applying for ID Card — Here’s A Guide

List of TIN Requirements in Applying for ID Card

TIN REQUIREMENTS – You can check the list below for the documents needed in applying for Tax Identification Number ID card at BIR.

In the Philippines, one of the documents often required in performing certain transactions is the Taxpayer Identification Number or ID card. It is more popularly called as TIN ID card and is issued by the tax-collecting body in the country, the Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR.

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The Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) card is often requested in loan applications, processing travel documents, availing a benefit from a government agency, etc. Previously, it is released in a yellow-orange card but now the BIR issues a green card.

TIN Requirements in Applying for ID
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The Taxpayer Identification Number or TIN certifies that the holder has paid his/her corresponding taxes to the government through the Burea of Internal Revenue. The information on the ID issued by the BIR includes the following:

  • complete name of the person
  • birthday
  • address
  • photo
  • signature
  • BIR logo

If you want to get your Taxpayer Identification Number, there are TIN requirements that you must prepare as they are mandated by the BIR in the processing of the document. Here are the specific documents that you must prepare and submit:

If you are a married individual who is getting a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), you must present your Marriage Contract in getting your TIN ID card. Upon the issuance of your TIN ID card, affix your signature and photo on the card.

It is best to have the card laminated as it is a thin board that may be prone to scratches and getting wet if not laminated. For employed individuals who got their TIN, submit your TIN to your employer. Your taxes will be based on the salary that you earn every month.

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