San Miguel President Ramon Ang Praised Because of His Parenting Style: “I do not allow them to be going around at magyabang”

Ramon Ang praised because of his parenting style

RAMON ANG – The President of San Miguel Corporation has garnered widespread praise from netizens for sharing his approach to raising his children with a commitment to a simple life.

The Filipino billionaire emphasized in an interview with Anthony ‘Ka Tunying’ Taberna his preference for avoiding an extravagant lifestyle and how he instilled these values in his children.

Ang expressed his belief in the importance of living a modest life, saying, “Kailangan tayo simple lang ang buhay natin, we live within our means. Tignan mo ‘yung ibang mga tao diyan, nakatira na nga sa barong-barong, nakatira nalang kung saan naka signature na damit, naka signature na bag.”

He further elaborated that he wanted his children to embrace simplicity and treat San Miguel employees as equals, stating, “Tinuturo ko to especially sa mga anak ko. I do not allow them to be going around at magyabang ng kung ano anong isinusuot at kung ano ano ang dinadala.”

During the interview, Ang mentioned that he initially had no intention of wearing accessories. However, he complied with the production’s request and put on a stainless watch.

Ang emphasized the need to teach children the value of a simple life. He shared an example involving his youngest son, Jacob, who had recently graduated from college. He sent Jacob to the province in Pangasinan to work at one of San Miguel’s plants. Ang instructed Jacob to work there every day, eat meals with the employees, and even sleep at the plant.

He advised his son not to reveal that he was the president of San Miguel’s son, urging him to live just like the other employees, wearing simple clothing like a T-shirt and the required uniform. Ang’s parenting style resonated with thousands of netizens who praised him, suggesting that all Filipino parents should consider following the example set by the President of San Miguel Corporation.

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