Ogie Diaz to Rendon Labador: “Hindi ka kumapit sa bakla?”

Ogie Diaz interviews Rendon Labador

RENDON LABADOR – The infamous social media personality responded to Ogie Diaz’s question about whether he had ever been involved with a gay man.

Rendon Labador, a well-known figure in the fitness coaching, social media, and business worlds, is widely acknowledged for his role as an inspirational speaker. He is equally famous for sharing his insights on a range of topics, including the entertainment industry, online events, and politics.

Born on July 23, 1985, as per available online information, he is the son of Lito Labador, a former high-ranking officer in the Philippine National Police. He has a sibling named Jormiel and sisters named Krystalee, Gemi, and Lineth.

Rendon has gained prominence for his outspoken commentary on various subjects, such as Awra Briguela’s legal troubles, Vice Ganda’s clash with the MTRCB, the recent breakup of Andrea Brillantes, the separation of Moira Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez, Paolo Contis’ financial support issues, the Pura Luka Vega controversy, and many other topics.

He is currently attracting attention online due to the suspension of his social media accounts, including Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and even his email. This suspension resulted from a mass reporting campaign initiated by internet users who held grievances against him.

It was just recently that Rendon Labador was interviewed by Ogie Diaz. At one point, he was asked if he had ever been involved with a gay man. “Noong araw ba hindi ka kumapit sa bakla?” Ogie asked.

Rendon replied, “Hindi. Wala.” However, he admitted that someone had offered to support him when he used to take on double roles in movies.

“Nag-decline ako. Doon ko na-realize na ganoon pala sa industriya, na natutunan ko na ngayon na real talk pala talaga. Ganoon pala talaga minsan.” Apart from gay men, he also mentioned that he doesn’t get involved with older women or sugar mommies.

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