Miss Universe Organization Says There’s Currently No Miss Universe Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Offering

Miss Universe Organization: “Please use caution and do not join in this falsely-named coin scam!”

MISS UNIVERSE ORGANIZATION – The organization said that there’s currently no Miss Universe cryptocurrency or blockchain.

In a statement released on its social media accounts regarding the “Miss Universe Coin”, the organization said that it has come to their attention that the said coin was introduced at the Philippine Blockchain Week.

According to the organization and its owner JKN Global Group, they’re not associated or involved in any way and will also be pursuing all legal options with regards to this infringement.

Miss Universe Organization

The organization added that there’s no Miss Universe cryptocurrency or blockchain offering at the moment, adding that those products are in no way involved with the voting or selection process for MISS UNIVERSE or the Miss Universe Philippines pageants.

Also, the organization told the public not to join in a “falsely-named coin scam” as they’re doing everything they can to shut it down publicly.

To our fans — please use caution and do not join in this falsely-named coin scam!” the organization said. “We are doing everything we can to shut this down publicly, so that our community is not victims of this fraud.

Miss Universe Organization statement

It can be recalled that the “Miss Universe Coin” was revealed at the Philippine Blockchain Week.

As seen in the photos posted on a BitPinas article, the representatives of the “Miss Universe Coin” claimed that it will “outshine the performance of SHIB”. The said coin is claimed to have “holder benefits” depending on the “level”.

“SHIB” refers to digital coin “Shiba Inu” and it has a market cap of USD 4.3 billion as of this writing.

Photos source: BitPinas

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