Jodi Sta. Maria Speaks On Blended Family with Pampi Lacson

Jodi Sta. Maria: “I believe in generational curses. We need to break them, but then, the will to do it should come from us.”

JODI STA. MARIA – The actress recently spoke about her blended family with her ex-husband Panfilo “Pampi” Lacson Jr.

Jodi Sta. Maria and Pampi Lacson got married in 2005 and broke up in 2011. The two have a son named Panfilo “Thirdy” Lacson III.

Pampi Lacson is now with former actress Iwa Moto. They have two children named Mimi and Caleb Jiro.

Jodi Sta. Maria Pampi Lacson
Photo: Iwa Moto / Instagram

In an interview with Inquirer Entertainment, the actress was asked to talk about her decision to form a blended family with her ex-husband.

I grew up not knowing my father. This has a lot of psychological implications to a child, being that the father is an important figure in the child’s life because he provides security and identity,” she said. “I realized that I should not deny this of Thirdy.

She also said that she believes in generational curses and they need to break those curses, but the will to do it should come from them. According to her, it wasn’t easy for them but they were able to patch up with God’s guidance.

Jodi added that the success of a blended family depends on the situation its members are in. She even pointed out that it varies on a “case-to-case basis”

The actress also said that the concept of a blended family can be difficult to understand, especially for the “conservative ones” But for parents like her and Pampi, the actress said that this became possible because they both learned to forgive each other.

Jodi’s son is taking up a culinary arts course. According to her, her son really enjoys cooking and she knows that this is one of his passions because they always include cooking classes in their itinerary each time they travel.

The actress also said that she’s not the type of mother who would force her son to take up something just because that’s what she wants for him. She even told her son that she will support him as long as he feels that’s where he will thrive and where he will become successful.

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