Kris Bernal ‘Still Feels So Completely Surreal’ After Giving Birth To First Child

Kris Bernal: “Everything still feels so completely surreal right now!”

KRIS BERNAL – The celebrity mom and content creator shared that everything still feels “completely surreal” after giving birth to her first child.

The actress recently shared a series of photos with her non-showbiz husband Perry Choi and their daughter Hailee Lucca from their recently photoshoot, as seen in a post on her Instagram account.

In one of the photos she posted, it can be seen that baby Hailee Lucca was born on August 15, 2023 at 7:12 pm.

Kris Bernal
Photos: Kris Bernal / Instagram

As seen in the caption of her social media post, she said that she and her husband welcomed their daughter last August 15, 2023. She even described her daughter as a baby who is healthy and strong, has a “full head a hair” like her mother, and has her father’s appetite.

The celebrity mom also said that everything “still feels so completely surreal” at the moment, adding that she and her husband are thankful to be holding their baby girl after a “long and bumpy” journey.

We want to soak in every moment of time with her as we know time goes fast! We’re in the biggest love bubble and never want to come out!” she said.

Kris Bernal and Perry Choi tied the knot in a church wedding last September 2021.

It was last August 30, 2023 when Kris announced the arrival of her daughter and revealed the name of her baby girl. At that time, she received congratulatory messages from fellow celebrities and famous personalities – including Rodjun Cruz, Isabel Oli, and Melissa Gohing, among others.

The celebrity mom also revealed that her daughter has an Instagram account of her own. As of this writing, Hailee Lucca’s Instagram account already has more than 3,800 followers.

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