Jose Mari Chan Reveals Lea Salonga Almost Became Part Of ‘Christmas in Our Hearts’

Jose Mari Chan on Lea Salonga: “I approached her and asked her if she would do a duet with me. And sabi nya, ‘Yes, I’d be glad to!’”

JOSE MARI CHAN – The singer recently revealed that Lea Salonga almost became part of his hit song “Christmas in Our Hearts”.

The singer appears on Friday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” where he revealed something about his hit song. In an interview, the singer recalled the time when he invited Lea Salonga to have a duet with him.

According to the singer, he approached Leah and asked her if she would do a duet with him and she said “Yes, I’d be glad to!”

Jose Mari Chan

Jose also shared that Lea liked the words and the melody of the song, but their collaboration didn’t push through because Lea’s recording company wouldn’t allow her to record for a competing label at that time. The singer also revealed that he want to have a duet with Monique Wilson.

Unfortunately, that weekend, she went to Tagaytay…she lost her voice,” Jose said. “I guess the Holy Spirit was leading me towards my daughter.

The singer shared that he went to the bedroom of his daughter Liza and asked her if she can learn the song quickly because he would like to record the song with her. And the rest is history!

Aside from this, Jose also recalled the time when he wrote the melody of the song in 1988 for a poem written by a friend and he never thought that he would use that melody for a Christmas song two years later. He also said that he never expected the massive success of “Christmas in Our Hearts”.

As a matter of fact, the producers of Universal Records said ‘masyadong Christian tong kantang ‘to.’ Why don’t you come up with a romantic Christmas song?” he said.

The singer then gave in to the request of the producers of Universal Records and wrote “A Perfect Christmas”, which the record label people loved.

It can be recalled that Kween Yasmin had a duet with Jose Mari Chan, as seen in Kween Yasmin’s social media post where she can be seen singing and holding a can of Jolly Mushroom while Jose Mari Chan can be seen lip-syncing in front of the camera.

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