John Amores Hopes to Make it to the PBA After Past Controversy

After his past controversy, John Amores is hoping to make it to the PBA

JOHN AMORES – The controversial basketball player is determined to move past the controversies that have surrounded him and aims to establish a career in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

The former Jose Rizal University standout gained notoriety for his involvement in a punching incident during an NCAA game in November of the previous year, tarnishing what could have been a promising basketball journey.

Recognizing that he may never fully shed his “bad boy” image, the 24-year-old wingman has shifted his focus towards getting drafted in the PBA as a means of redemption for his past mistakes.

John Amores
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Amores understands that people’s perceptions of him may never change, especially among fans who vividly recall his actions. He acknowledges that basketball players and those who understand the sport may have a more empathetic perspective, but for him, it’s time to move forward.

He’s aware of his past actions, regrets them deeply, and believes he needs to make amends. His goal now is to be drafted into the PBA and prove that he has transformed himself.

To rebuild his reputation, Amores has already taken steps in the right direction. He played in the Asean Basketball League with the Zamboanga Valientes and then joined Muntinlupa in the MPBL.

JRU student-athlete John Amores

If he hears his name called during the draft on Sunday, September 17, Amores is eager to demonstrate that he is more than just a player involved in on-court altercations. He intends to focus on his defensive skills while acknowledging the need to improve his offense. He emphasizes the importance of doubling his efforts, relying on his determination and perseverance to succeed.

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