Carla Abellana On Possibility Of Being Friends With Tom Rodriguez

Carla Abellana: “Ayoko pong, kumbaga, tuldukan o maging definite sa anumang bagay. So, anything can happen.”

CARLA ABELLANA – The actress chose not to give a definite answer about the possibility of being friends with her ex-husband Tom Rodriguez.

She said this during the media conference for her contract signing with All Access to Artists Inc. last September 26, 2023.

Carla said that she prefers not to set anything in stone, including the possibility of being friends with her ex-husband. According to her, there are a lot of unpredictable events in life and so she doesn’t want to conclude or be definite about anything.

Carla Abellana
Photo: Carla Abellana / Instagram

The actress also said that “anything can happen”, adding that there’s nothing that she would like to finish, finalize, or set.

Kumbaga, sa buhay po, napakarami pong kaganapan na unpredictable. So, ayoko pong, kumbaga, tuldukan o maging definite sa anumang bagay,” she said. “So, anything can happen. So, wala po akong gustong i-finish, i-finalize, i-set.

She’s not worried about an encounter with her ex-husband, which, to her, is something that’s “inevitable” for them.

According to her, she has long thought about crossing paths with him and she has prepared herself for it. She also said that she doesn’t think she’ll feel anything if ever they see each other or when that happens.

The actress added that she’s confident she won’t panic, afraid, or feel sad in the event that she and her ex-husband see each other again. While the actress sees “no problem” being around her ex-husband in a professional setting, she said she “[doesn’t] think it’s necessary” to “reach out” to him when they do meet again.

Carla also said that she has moved on from her separation from her ex-husband.

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