SEMPHIL Issues Statement Over ‘Pambababoy’ of Their Employees at Private Resort in Laguna

SEMPHIL has issued a statement over the actions of their employees at a private resort in Laguna.

In a statement, Samsung Electro-Mechanics Philippines stressed that the outing of their employees was not sponsored by them.

Company Where Employees Who Destroyed Private Resort Are Working Issues Statement

SEMPHIL issues statement over actions of their employees at a private resort in Laguna

SAMSUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS PHILIPPINES – The company where the employees who destroyed the facilities of a private resort are working has issued a statement.

Recently, a private resort owner named Noneth Palentino took to social media to express her frustration over the damage caused by the people who rented their place. On Facebook, she posted a video showing a messy bathroom, a party area filled with garbage, and the pool with tables, bottles, and even a water dispenser floating in it.

According to Palentino, she identified all the guests responsible for the incident and spoke to the company where they were working, the Samsung Electro-Mechanics Philippines or SEMPHIL. Although she forgave the guests, she still intended to have them pay for the damage they caused.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Philippines, the company where the people who rented their place are working, issued a statement regarding the incident. Apparently, the company distanced itself from the actions of its workers. The company also stressed that the outing was not sponsored by them.

“We would like to inform you that this is not an official event of the company, but a personal deviation made at private meeting of some employees, so please refrain from expanding and reproducing contents that are different from the facts through some social media,” the company noted.

According to SEMPHIL, respect towards others, as well as professionalism, are important to them. The company noted that the disturbing incident is not a reflection of the values of their company. The company said that their employees are concerned about posting wrong information about the company itself that may affect their true character which they have nurtured and protected.

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Meanwhile, SEMPHIL has not confirmed whether they have suspended or fully terminated the employees.

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