Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio Get Asked About Wedding Day

Celebrity couple Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio were asked about their wedding day.

RONNIE ALONTE AND LOISA ANDALIO – Here’s what the celebrity couple said when they were asked about their wedding day.

The couple are among the stars in the ABS-CBN-TV5 collaborative TV series “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso” alongside KD Estrada, Elisse Joson, Charlie Dizon, Joseph Marco, Alexa Ilacad, and more.

In a video posted on ABS-CBN News, Ronnie and Loisa were asked in an interview with the entertainment media about their wedding day.

Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio
Photo: Loisa Andalio / Instagram

The celebrity couple said in an interview with the members of the media that they will wait for 4-5 years before getting married.

While Ronnie said that they will save money first before getting married, Loisa said that they will tie the knot “kapag malaki na ang laman ng bangko”. The actress also said that “LoiNie” fans will wait for them to get married after “5 years sana”.

According to a report on ABS-CBN News, the celebrity couple had previously shared in previous interviews that they had talked about marriage but they insisted that they’re focused on their work.

It can be recalled that Loisa said at the media conference for the TV series last July that she considered her boyfriend as “the one” because she wouldn’t stay with him if she doesn’t see her relationship with him to be worthwhile.

Ronnie, for his part, said his girlfriend is his definition of “paradise”. He also noted that he doesn’t have to beat around the bush when it comes to showing his love for her.

The celebrity couple admitted in an interview with Bulletin Entertainment last July that they’re “not yet ready” to do sensual scenes. At that time, the two revealed that they both turned down projects requiring them to get down and dirty.

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