Rosmar Tan Reveals She’s Paying P50,000 Monthly for Her Electric Bill

Rosmar Tan shared the costs associated with maintaining her mansion

ROSMAR TAN – The beauty line CEO revealed that she’s paying P50,000 monthly for her electric bill.

Recently, Tan took Alex Gonzaga and online users on a tour of her lavish mansion, displaying some of the items she acquired with her earnings as a successful businesswoman. In a vlog by Alex, Rosmar proudly showcased her collection of high-end bags and her sports car.

The renowned CEO, who is also a recording artist, openly discussed the costs associated with maintaining her mansion. She mentioned that she spends a substantial PHP50,000 solely on her electricity bill. “Opo, Php50,000,” Rosmar affirmed.

Rosmar Tan
Photo credit to the owner

Rosmar further shared that she generously allows her staff to use various amenities within her residence, such as her personal gym. Addressing the critics who took issue with her song “Manalamin,” Rosmar clarified that she is not a conceited individual. She explained that her intention behind the song was merely to respond to those who wished for her failure.

Meanwhile, online users were also curious whether Alex would feature Miss Glenda, another CEO in the beauty industry, on her vlog. It’s worth noting that Rosmar and Miss Glenda have been known for their rivalry.

Rosmar Tan, whose actual name is Rosemarie Penamora Tan, is an entrepreneur and social media influencer who has risen to prominence through her diverse business endeavors and online presence. She has accumulated more than 15.8 million followers on TikTok, where she shares content such as try-on videos and product samples. In addition to her beauty line, she has been involved in other enterprises such as Mysterious Madre Cacao, Rosmar Pet Salon, and Rosmar’s Cage Restaurant.

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