GSIS Unemployment Benefit Requirements You Must Submit To File Claim

Guide on GSIS Unemployment Benefit Requirements for Eligible Members

GSIS UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT REQUIREMENTS – Below are the eligibility requirements and the documents needed in filing a claim to the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).

Most government employees in the Philippines are members of the Government Service Insurance System. More popularly called the GSIS, it is one of the biggest state-run social insurance institutions in the country and most government offices require a GSIS membership.

GSIS Unemployment Benefit Requirements
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To keep an up to date account, GSIS member must post a monthly contribution which is based on the type of source of income as well as the amount earned by a member monthly. Accumulated contributions or savings can qualify a member to the benefit or loan offer of the state-run social insurance institution.

One of the loans offered by the government institution is the GSIS Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus while one of the benefits for members is the GSIS Unemployment Benefit which was crafted to financially assist individuals who lost their jobs due to the abolition of office or position.

The Government Service Insurance System has set GSIS Unemployment Benefit requirements or qualifications for claim application. The applicant must pass the following eligibility criteria:

  • a permanent employee at the time of the separation
  • involuntary lost job due to the abolition of the office or position of the GSIS member
  • on continued posting of GSIS monthly contributions for at least one (1) year already
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The application for the GSIS Unemployment Benefit must be made within the four (4) years from the time of separation from service.

You must submit the following GSIS Unemployment Benefit requirements to file for a claim:

  • duly-accomplished GSIS Unemployment Benefit Application Form
  • Service Record indicative of the last day of service/actual date of involuntary separation , and Leaves of Absences With Pay or Without Pay
  • Declaration of Pendency/ Non-Pendency of case prior to electronic crediting or check printing.

Aside from the Unemployment Benefit offer, the GSIS also offers a Disability Benefit which has its own requirements in the pursuit to help members in times of disability/injury. The accident must not be work-related.

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