Rendon Labador Invites Fans To Join His Broadcast Channel On Instagram

Rendon Labador launched his own broadcast channel on Instagram

RENDON LABADOR – The motivational speaker took to social media to invite his fans to join his newly-created broadcast channel.

On Sunday, he posted a photo on his Instagram Stories as he officially introduced his own broadcast channel “#TeamMotivated”. He also released audios to give an update about his broadcast channel.

According to him, he will not only give daily motivation and daily mentorship but also share real-life motivation on his broadcast channel as well.

Rendon Labador
Photo: Rendon Labador / Instagram

Rendon also said that his aim is to help his followers to become aware of “totoong buhay” and “totoong diskarte”. The content creator went on to thank his supporters for supporting him.

Dito niyo maririnig yung mga hindi niyo napapakinggan kasi po yung sa social media natin, filtered na po yun eh. So may kasama na po siyang marketing strategy, siyempre,” he said, referring to his broadcast channel.

He went on to tell his fans to send him a message to him via DM if they have questions about life and business and he will answer the question and will also mentor them as well.

Aside from this, Rendon also said that his followers will also hear about his thoughts and plans so that they can also keep up with the drive and motivation of his life. He added that there’s a greater chance that they will always be motivated in life if they hear what he says and they can go along with his journey.

Rendon Labador Broadcast Channel

The content creator also said that he wants his followers to boost their confidence. He went on to share that not everything people see on the internet is real.

Hindi lahat ng influencers sa TikTok ay totoo kasi marami akong kilalang mga influencers na alam ko talaga yung real life nila,” he said. “Ultimo kinikita nila alam ko, yung situation ng buhay nila alam ko, at ibang iba yung mga ipinapakita nila sa social media para maloko kayong lahat.”

Rendon also told his fans that they will share to other people what values they learned from him.

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