GSIS Sickness Benefit Requirements for Government Employees

Guide on GSIS Sickness Benefit Requirements under the Employees Compensation Program

GSIS SICKNESS BENEFIT REQUIREMENTS – Here are the documents needed in applying for the GSIS Employees Compensation Program.

Millions of Filipinos are employed to the government and different offices in the public sector across the nation. Some of these government employees are facing day-to-day risks of getting sick or meeting an accident due to the nature of their work. In times of sickness, one of the agencies that the government employees may turn to for financial assistance is the Government Service Insurance System or GSIS.

GSIS Sickness Benefit Requirements
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The GSIS is one of the biggest social insurance institutions in the country. Most of its members are individuals who have either worked or are currently working in the government offices across the nation. Monthly, a part of their salary is deducted for remittance to the government agency as savings.

The GSIS membership is a mandate to government employees to widen their resources and prepare them for the future. Accumulated savings can get you qualified to the benefits, loans, and other services extended by the agency to its members.

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One of the benefits for GSIS members is the Employees Compensation Program which is for the members who are currently working in the government. You may apply for this benefit offer in times of sickness, injury, and disability. The family of a GSIS member who died due to an accident or disease triggered by his/her work may be eligible for it, too. Here’s the full coverage under the benefit offer for employees:

  1. Medical services, appliances and supplies
  2. Rehabilitation services
  3. Temporary total disability benefit
  4. Permanent total disability benefit
  5. Permanent partial disability benefit
  6. Death benefit
  7. Funeral Benefit

With regards to the GSIS Sickness Benefit requirements, it is different from the GSIS Unemployment Benefit requirements, GSIS Separation Benefit requirements, and the documents mandated under the other benefit offers.

There are specific documents that the employee must prepare and submit to the government institution for the benefit application. Here are the documents needed:

  • Updated service record
  • Hospital record of confinement
  • Statement of duties and responsibilities
  • Official receipts in payment of hospital bills, professional
  • fees and medicines purchased from the drugstore

Aside from the GSIS Sickness Benefit requirements, there are forms that you must accomplish in availing the Sickness Benefit under the GSIS Employees Compensation program such as the following:

  • Income Benefits Claim for Payment
  • Hospitalization Claim for Payment EC
  • Attending Physician’s certification

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) has set a validity period under each of its benefit offer. With regards to the Sickness Benefit claim under the GSIS Employees Compensation Program, the claim should be made within three (3) years since the sickness.

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