Takes Two To Tango Meaning & Sentence Examples

Takes Two To Tango Definition, Sentence Examples

TAKES TWO TO TANGO MEANING – Find out what takes two to tango really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The expression alludes to the tango, a partner dance popular in South America. It first appeared in the 1952 song Takes Two to Tango by Dick Manning and Al Hoffman, and later became a common term.


Takes Two To Tango Meaning:

  • Certain acts or activities require the participation of two persons; they cannot be carried out alone.
  • When two parties are involved, they bear equal responsibility for the outcome.
  • More than one person is required for actions or communication.

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Here are examples of sentences that use takes two to tango:

  1. You’re never going to be able to do that by yourself, it takes two to tango.
  2. Ron may want to argue, but it takes two to tango and I won’t stoop to his level.
  3. If you want to play that game, you need a partner who will play with you. It takes two to tango.
  4. Don’t blame me for the argument. It takes two to tango! You are equally responsible.

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