Barrel Of Monkeys Meaning & Sentence Examples

Barrel Of Monkeys Definition, Sentence Examples

BARREL OF MONKEYS MEANING – Find out what barrel of monkeys really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The idiom alludes to a lot of chaotic webs of connected items. The expression is derived from a famous toy from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These toys were a collection of mechanical monkeys suspended in a barrel and connected to one another by their tails. The monkeys were spun by a crank on the side of the barrel, swinging around and grabbing at each other.

The “barrel of monkeys toy” served as a visual representation of the idea of interconnectivity and the propensity for items to get entangled. The metaphorical meaning of the expression “barrel of monkeys” is a humorous sense of disarray and dependency amongst a great number of things or people. The expression frequently describes tumultuous or chaotic circumstances with lots of interconnected elements.


Barrel Of Monkeys Meaning:

  • something very entertaining and humorous.
  • something out of the ordinary, chaotic, or crazy.
  • a chaotic circumstance or action.
  • There is chaos and a mess of things.
  • a feeling of unpredictability, disorder, and chaos.
  • things are in a condition of extreme agitation or disturbance.
  • a riotous situation.
  • a comical but chaotic scene.
  • a bit of a frantic, chaotic nature.

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Here are examples of sentences that use barrel of monkeys:

  1. My necktie drawer is a barrel of monkeys, hopelessly disorganized.
  2. The toy box is always a barrel of monkeys after the kids are done playing.
  3. Tony said the traffic jam was a total barrel of monkeys.
  4. The room descended into a barrel of monkeys after the coach left.

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