Back To Square One Meaning & Sentence Examples

Back To Square One Definition, Sentence Examples

BACK TO SQUARE ONE MEANING – Find out what back to square one really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

Although the phrase’s origin is unknown, there are numerous possibilities that, while intriguing, are not definitive. One idea came from BBC radio comments. Early football commentary divided the field into eight rectangles, or “squares,” to make it easier for viewers to follow the action.

Commentators would explain a play by identifying which square the ball was in. The phrase may have originated from the board game Snakes and Ladders, according to one idea, while it may have come from the game Hopscotch, according to another.

Back To Square One Meaning:

  • go back to where one came from
  • going back to the start
  • Start afresh by going back to the beginning.
  • start over because the last attempt was unsuccessful

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Here are examples of sentences that use back to square one:

  1. If Mr. Narita won’t accept our proposal, we will be back to square one.
  2. I failed at geometry, so I guess it’s back to square one.
  3. Kevin’s idea didn’t work, so he had to go back to square one.
  4. Ultimately, will have to come back to square one, if she does not have the attitude to move forward.

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