Sandro Marcos Reacts to Rumor PBBM Would Appoint Mar Roxas as DA Secretary

Here’s the reaction of Sandro Marcos to the rumor PBBM would appoint Mar Roxas as DA secretary

SANDRO MARCOS – The presidential son and Ilocos Norte Representative denied the circulating rumor that his father would appoint former Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas as the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture (DA).

Marcos dismissed the rumor in response to a Twitter post by columnist Mark Lopez. Earlier, the latter shared a portion of former Ambassador Rigoberto Tiglao’s column regarding the rumor.

In Tiglao’s column, he stated, “a very apolitical source told me that it was Roxas who disclosed his coming appointment to a group of friends very recently.” Lopez commented on Tiglao’s column, saying, “Eto na….. Eto na….”

Sandro Marcos

Marcos responded to the post and said, “Sorry Mark but this isn’t true in the slightest (laughing emoji).” Lopez replied, “This has been a lingering rumor Cong… Thank you very much Sir for this very CATEGORICAL denial.”

The alleged plan to appoint Roxas as the DA Secretary has been circulating for a long time. Roxas is the second cousin of First Lady Louise Araneta-Marcos. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. currently leads the DA.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) in the Philippines is a government agency responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies, programs, and projects related to the agricultural sector. It plays a crucial role in the country’s efforts to achieve food security, promote rural development, and ensure sustainable agriculture.

The DA focuses on various areas within the agricultural sector, including crop production, livestock and poultry production, fisheries, irrigation, agribusiness development, agricultural research and extension, and food safety. The department’s responsibilities encompass providing support to farmers, fisherfolk, and rural communities, improving agricultural productivity, facilitating market access for agricultural products, and promoting sustainable and climate-resilient farming practices.

To carry out its functions, the DA collaborates with other government agencies, local government units, agricultural research institutions, farmer and fisherfolk organizations, and the private sector. It also oversees the implementation of various programs and projects aimed at modernizing agriculture, enhancing value chains, improving rural livelihoods, and ensuring the availability of affordable and nutritious food for the Filipino population.

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