Maya Personal Loan: How Is This Different From Maya Credit?

Here’s how Maya Personal Loan is different from Maya Credit

MAYA PERSONAL LOAN – This article will let you know how this loan product is different from Maya Credit.

Personal Loan helps you fund big life decisions with a loan of up to PHP 250,000 that you can pay in flexible monthly installments. One of the benefits of this loan product is that you can apply for a loan with no extra paperwork, collateral, or guarantor required using your upgraded account on Maya.

You can pay your loan in 6 monthly installments when Personal Loan launches. In the future, you can start paying your loan in either 6, 12, 24, 36, or 48 monthly installments.

Maya Personal Loan

In terms of qualification, you can qualify for this loan product if you’re a Filipino resident, you’re at least 21 to 65 years old, you have an upgraded Maya account, and you have been actively using your Maya account for your transactions.

These two loan products are powered by Maya Bank, but there are differences between the two.

Maya Personal Loan grants you a loan of up to P250,000 that you can pay in flexible monthly installments, while Maya Credit offers you a 30-day virtual credit line of up to PHP 18,000.

In Maya Credit, you can borrow money multiple times as long as you have the available credit. But in Maya Personal Loan, you may have one Personal Loan at a time.

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