Elizabeth Oropesa Turns Emotional While Pleading for Marcos’ Attention to Loyalists

Here’s the plea of Elizabeth Oropesa to President Bongbong Marcos

ELIZABETH OROPESA – The actress and Marcos loyalist became emotional as she made her heartfelt appeal to President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

The video, which went viral on social media, shows Oropesa expressing her distress over the perceived lack of recognition and importance given to the longtime supporters of the Marcoses.

Addressing the President as “Sir,” Oropesa tearfully expressed her confusion and hurt, wondering why it seems like he is more interested in new supporters rather than those who have faithfully stood by his side for a long time. She felt disappointed that they were not given the same level of attention and importance as others.

Elizabeth Oropesa
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“Parang ang sakit-sakit na sakit ‘yang lider man lang hindi mo maisip yung para bang may mai-report kami sa mga tao. Nilikom namin noon. Para masabi namin yung totoong nagbigay ka ng importansya at kaunting pagpapahalaga. ‘Yun lang,” she said.

Throughout her emotional plea, Elizabeth Oropesa conveyed her love and support for the Marcos family, expressing the pain she felt from the perceived neglect. She also highlighted the lack of communication from the President to the leader of the loyalist group, which added to their feelings of being disregarded.

Despite her strong emotions, the Marcos loyalist made it clear that her intention was not to offend the President. She wanted him to understand that they are not enemies but rather allies who remain loyal to him. In the end, she thanked him and hoped that he wouldn’t take her words the wrong way.

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