Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia Mark 9th “Jowanniversary”

Celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia marked their 9th anniversary as a couple.

BILLY CRAWFORD AND COLEEN GARCIA – The celebrity couple wrote heartwarming messages to each other to mark their 9th “Jowanniversary” or anniversary as a couple.

The “The Voice Generation” coach posted a series of photos on his social media account along with a lengthy anniversary message for his wife to mark their special day.

In the caption of his post, Billy expressed his gratitude to Coleen for giving all that she’s got for their family even if sometimes he might fall short. He told her that she never gave up on them and that’s the reason why they have lasted this long.

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia
Photo: Billy Crawford / Instagram

Billy Crawford also said that his wife has given up so much and she deserve happiness and love, adding that he will never stop loving her and he will always be thankful for her. He then described his wife as the “strongest, smartest, sexiest, loyal, [and] lovable” partner that any man could have.

Wow 9 years already?!? Hahaha I love how we didn’t even remember it so thank God for timelines,” Billy said. “Happy 9th my everything and May God continue to shower us with His grace and continue to protect our family from any harm.

In the comments section of his post, his wife expressed her love for her and also greeted him on their special day. “Love you and miss you. Happy jowanniversary,” she said.

Coleen Garcia, for her part, posted a wedding photo with her husband on her social media account along with a lengthy message for him to mark their 9th anniversary as a couple. She also expressed her gratitude to those who greeted them on their special day, saying that they “would have totally forgotten” about it without them.

In the caption of her social media post, the actress told her husband that he never let a single day pass without making sure that she knows how much and how deeply he loves and appreciates her even after 9 years of being together.

Coleen also expressed her love for him, saying that he gives her the kind of love that truly heals and nurtures growth. She added that she hopes they continue to bring out the best in each other. The actress went on to honor him for being the partner she never even knew how to pray for.

You’re one of the constant things that remind me that God’s design for my life is far better than what I could ever imagine for myself,” she said. “Thank you for being everything I have ever needed—and will ever need—in a partner.

It was last April 20, 2018 when Coleen and Billy got married in Balesin after years of being a couple. The celebrity couple welcomed baby Amari last September 2020.

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