Online Cash Loans in PH — Here’s List of Offers Filipinos May Apply For Anywhere

Guide on Online Cash Loans in PH for Filipino Borrowers

ONLINE CASH LOANS IN PH – Here are loan offers that Filipinos may apply for to avail a financial solution anywhere you are in the country.

A lot of people can hardly leave their workplace to apply for a loan even amid dire financial needs. Doing so will only add up to the financial burden because of missing a day’s salary. Meanwhile, now, these individuals and everyone who want fast and easy loan approvals have several options — the online cash loans in PH.

Online Cash Loans in PH
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There are several online lenders that have proven their legitimacy to the Filipinos. Their offers do not require the borrower to leave their home or workplace for the loan application. All the processes are digital and the requirements are usually minimal — valid IDs and proof of income. In fact, some lenders no longer require proof of income.

However, amid the countless loan offers online, it is important to choose only the legit and trusted ones already. There are online cash loans that already rose to prominence in PH and here are their features:

Online Cash Loans in PH

LendersMinimum Loanable AmountMaximum Loanable AmountInterest RateMinimum Loan TermMaximum Loan Term
SB Finance₱30,000₱2 million1.2% to 3.5%2 months48 months
Online Loans Pilipinas₱1,000₱7,000 for first-time borrowers, up to ₱30,000 for repeat borrowersno interest for first-time borrowersstarts at 10 daysnot mentioned
Home Credit₱3,000₱150,000starts at 1.83%6 months60 months
Cash Mart₱3,000₱30,0000.0571% per day | 20.8415% per yearWeekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly
ACOM₱3,500.00₱500,0004.988%6 months12 months
Blend PH₱10,000.00₱3 million4.988%2 months12 months
Tala₱1,000.00₱25,0000.5% (daily flat fee)not mentioned61 days
Radiowealth Finance₱10,000₱3 Milliondepends on the lender’s approval3 months36 months
JuanHand₱2,000.00₱15,0009% to 12%not mentioned3 months
First Circle₱250,000₱20 million0.99% to 2.49%not mentioned12 months

If you prefer a government agency, you may turn to the Social Security System for an SSS online loan application for its Salary Loan offer. However, make sure that you have posted a total of at least 36 monthly contributions already.

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