AWRA BRIGUELA ISSUE – CCTV Footage Reveals Happenings at the Bar

CCTV footage reveals happenings at the bar involving Awra Briguela

AWRA BRIGUELA – The CCTV footage from The Bolt Hole Bar in Makati City capturing the moments leading up to an altercation involving the TV-movie personality has resurfaced.

The video, released by content creator Xian Gaza, shows Awra and his friends teasing a group of men at the bar. The staff at The Bolt Hole Bar stated that the altercation began when Awra asked one of the men to undress before taking a picture with him, which the man refused to do. This led to taunting from Awra’s group towards the complainant.

In the footage, Awra’s friends calmly left the bar, but Awra remained inside and continued pressuring the man to undress. When the man refused, Awra became angry and pushed both the complainant and his friend. The CCTV footage shows Awra forcefully pulling at the man’s clothing, causing them both to fall down and the man’s clothes to tear. The bar’s bouncers attempted to intervene, but Awra resisted and pushed them as well. The complainant and his companions eventually left the bar to avoid further conflict, with Awra following them.

Awra Briguela

Another video released by Xian Gaza shows Awra and his friends taunting the complainant to undress, indicating that both groups were involved in the confrontation. The CCTV footage aligns with the complainant’s account given during an interview, where he stated that he did not fight back until he was punched by someone and felt the need to defend himself.

The footage did not capture the alleged harassment experienced by Awra’s female friends, which was initially brought up on social media and allegedly triggered the altercation. Police arrived to break up the fight, and Awra was seen being restrained by his companions in the video. Netizens expressed anger over the incident and showed support for Awra through hashtags on social media.

Although a claim was made by Zayla Nakajima, one of Awra’s friends, stating that she and another female friend were groped by the complainant, the police have stated that they did not receive any complaints regarding harassment from Awra’s group.

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