Awra Briguela Arrested After Brawl Outside a Bar in Makati

Awra Briguela faces multiple charges after being involved in an altercation at Makati bar

AWRA BRIGUELA – The actress was arrested and is facing various criminal offenses after a brawl outside a bar in Makati City.

Briguela allegedly caused a disturbance at the Bolt Hole Bar in Poblacion, Makati according to the Southern Police District (SPD) report. The authorities apprehended her at around 5 a.m. on Thursday. A viral video circulating online shows Briguela involved in a fight with Mark Christian Ravana and his group, who are the complainants in the case.

The police stated that Briguela and her friends approached Ravana and demanded that he remove his shirt. When Ravana refused, Briguela allegedly followed him and tore his shirt, leading to a heated argument that escalated as the celebrity’s friends joined in.

Awra Briguela
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Ravana and Angelo Nino Gulmatico, a bouncer at the bar, sought assistance from the Poblacion Police Substation, and officers promptly responded. However, Briguela resisted arrest and reportedly used offensive language while the police tried to handcuff her, as shown in the viral video.

But Awra Briguela’s friend, content creator Zayla Nakajima, disputed Ravana and Gulmatico’s allegations in a now-deleted Facebook post. Nakajima claimed that Ravana had attempted to s*xually harass her, and Briguela was merely defending her and their group.

Briguela is currently in detention and will remain in custody until the inquest proceedings take place. He’s facing multiple charges such as physical injuries, alarm and sc@ndal, disobedience to authority, and direct assault.

Meanwhile, Awra Briguela, whose real name is McNeal Briguela, is a Filipino actress and comedian. She gained prominence for her role in the television show “Ang Probinsyano” and has appeared in various television programs and films in the country.

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