Xander Arizala Knocked Out in Round 2 During Boxing Match with Christian Merck Grey aka Makagwapo

Highlights during Xander Arizala vs Christian Merck Grey aka Makagwapo boxing match

XANDER ARIZALA vs CHRISTIAN MERCK GREY AKA MAKAGWAPO – The two controversial social media personalities finally faced each other in a boxing match via “Battle of the YouTubers.”

The rivalry between Xander and Christian began when Xander demanded a payment of P349,000 from Christian. After a series of social media exchanges, Christian eventually met Xander’s demands.

However, tensions continued to rise as they engaged in a heated war of words online. To settle their issues, they agreed to a boxing match on Battle of the YouTubers. Merck offered P200,000 to Xander if he could defeat him, along with an additional P200,000 as a talent fee.

Xander Arizala and Makagwapo
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Unfortunately for Xander Arizala, he only managed to survive two rounds against Christian, earning him a prize of only P200,000. During the second round, Xander lost consciousness within the first seven seconds after being struck by a combination from Christian, who seemed to handle the controversial influencer with ease.

While some netizens questioned the legitimacy of the match, many fans enjoyed witnessing Xander learn his lesson. Xander had been confident that Christian would not be able to score against him, but the opposite turned out to be true as Xander struggled to connect with his opponent.

At present, it is unknown whether a rematch between the two will take place. Meanwhile, social media personalities Boss Jonah and Yo Love also faced off in a 3-round boxing match. But their match ended shortly in the first few seconds of Round 1 after the latter was knocked out.

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