Transgender Police Officer Rene Balmaceda: Chief of QCPD Women and Children’s Desk

Meet the chief of the women and children’s desk of QCPD, a transgender police officer named Rene Balmaceda

POLICE MAJOR RENE BALMACEDA – A transgender woman, serves as the chief of the Women and Children Concern Section in the Quezon City Police District (QCPD).

She is recognized as the first openly transgender member of the Philippine National Police. Prior to her current role, Rene gained extensive experience in police operations, including working undercover in anti-drug operations.

Rene has known about her gender identity from a young age and has always been open about it with her classmates and teachers. Her journey led her to overcome obstacles during police training, and she has emerged as an effective officer.

Rene Balmaceda
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Rene’s position as a transgender woman in the QCPD has proven advantageous, as people feel more comfortable approaching her and sharing their concerns. This has helped her in her role as the chief of the Women and Children Protection Desk. QCPD Chief Nicolas Torre III praised her professionalism, work ethics, and adherence to the law, emphasizing that gender is not a concern when it comes to serving as a police officer.

With 20 years of service, Rene aims to inspire others in the LGBTQIA community who aspire to join the police force. She encourages individuals to express themselves without fear and believes that embracing one’s true identity is the key to achieving life’s ambitions.

Watch the video below courtesy of TV Patrol:

Meanwhile, a trans woman or a transgender woman is a woman who was assigned male at birth.

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