Three Men From Ifugao Return Money They Found, Amounting to ₱1 Million

In Ifugao, three men were lauded for returning a bundle of money they found

IFUGAO – Netizens applauded three men from the province after they surrendered a bundle of money they found on a road, which belonged to a single individual.

In a society driven by materialism and the pursuit of wealth, it is refreshing to hear about individuals who prioritize honesty and integrity over personal gain. Despite the difficulties they may face, whether it be financial struggles or the temptation to keep what they have found, their moral compass guides them to make the right choices.

These individuals serve as beacons of hope and inspiration, reminding us of the importance of character and values in a world that often values material possessions above all else. Their actions demonstrate a deep sense of empathy and respect for others, showing that true wealth lies not in what we possess, but in our integrity and compassion.

Speaking of which, three men from the Ifugao province were lauded for returning the money they found amounting to one million pesos.

The first to arrive at the police station were William Anudon and his grandson CJ Buccahan. They claimed to have found a bundle of money amounting to ₱305,000 along the Bahag-Amduntog Provincial Road on May 30. The rightful owner immediately went to the police station after posting about the lost money on social media. However, according to the owner, there was still ₱685,000 missing, as the total amount lost was supposedly ₱1 million.

Soon after, a man named Jerry Inuguidan from Boko, Nungawa, Asipulo, Ifugao arrived at the police station to surrender the bundle of money he found, which matched the ₱685,000 being sought by the owner. Netizens were greatly pleased, seeing this as a demonstration of the honesty and integrity of the people from Ifugao.

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