Rendon Labador Defends Moira dela Torre and Zack Tabudlo, Criticizes Jason Marvin

Here’s the reaction of Rendon Labador on the issue of Moira dela Torre, Jason Marvin, and Zack Tabudlo

RENDON LABADOR – The so-called motivational speaker has finally addressed the issue involving Moira dela Torre, Jason Marvin, and Zack Tabudlo.

In a video posted on his social media page, Rendon expressed his cautiousness in discussing the matter due to its sensitivity and the involvement of numerous individuals. However, he stood up to defend Moira, emphasizing the importance of respecting her as a woman. He also urged the people to consider Moira’s emotions and humanity.

“Hindi niyo ba naisip na babae parin yan?” he said. “May emosyon yan, tao yan, bakit niyo pinagkakampi-kampihan? Ako ang pagtulungan niyo, wag ‘yung babae pare.”

Rendon Labador
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On the other hand, Rendon criticized Jason’s mindset for blaming Moira for his decision to engage in a “happy ending” spa service. “Kung gagawa ka ng mali, choice mo yan. Kung sakali man na totoo ‘yung ibinibintang mo doon sa babae, ibig sabihin ay hindi ka marunong magmahal. Nagloko ka Jason, choice mo yan, never na naging kasalanan ng partner mo yan.” he stated.

Encouraging netizens to direct their criticism towards him rather than Moira and Zack Tabudlo, Rendon acknowledged the impact the situation had on Zack. He urged people not to drag them into the controversy, recognizing that not everyone possesses the same strength.

As of now, the video has garnered thousands of reactions from netizens, indicating widespread interest in the matter. Watch the video below:

As expected, the video wherein he aired his thoughts about Moira, Jason and Zack generated mixed reactions from the netizens. Here are some of the comments:

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