Lady Netizen Writes “Tita Lang Po Ako” at her Back While Babysitting Niece

Lady Netizen Attaches Note w/ Words Written “Tita Lang Po Ako” at Back of Her Dress

A lady netizen wrote “Tita Lang Po Ako” at her back while babysitting her niece to avoid people from asking about her parental status.

Recently, a funny post by a Facebook user named Mary Joy Villasquez has been spreading good vibes on social media. In a creative move, she decided to have a fun and lighthearted response to the common question of whether a child accompanying her is her own.

Mary Joy thoughtfully shared her idea of wearing a dress with a note “Tita lang po ako” (I’m just an aunt) written on the back, aiming to avoid the repetitive inquiries about her parental status. Her post has resonated with many people, bringing smiles and laughter to those who have experienced similar situations.

Lady Netizen

Being mistaken for a parent is a common scenario for aunts, uncles, and other family members who often spend time with young children. Mary Joy’s humorous solution highlights the positive side of this situation, promoting a lighthearted approach to repetitive questions.

Her simple note acts as a shield against curious inquiries and offers a unique way to express her role as an aunt without causing confusion.

The role of an aunt or “tita” is a special one. Aunts play a significant part in the lives of their nieces and nephews, offering love, guidance, and support. They often provide a nurturing presence and create lasting memories for the children in their lives.

“Pagod na ako sa tanong na, “Anak mo?” Kaya ako na nag-adjust. HAHAHAHAHAHA,” she said.

Her witty response not only brings amusement but also encourages others to find joy in their own familial relationships. The post has sparked conversations among netizens who can relate to the experiences of being mistaken for parents.

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