YouTube Introduces Live Shopping Feature

YouTube Live Shopping feature is available for eligible channels only.

YOUTUBE – The Google-owned video-sharing platform has recently introduced its new Live Shopping feature.

With this feature, content creators can do online selling similar to what people are accustomed to in Facebook or TikTok.

The said feature allows content creators to promote their products during live streams and to manage them directly within the Live Control Room using the platform’s product tagging feature.

Screenshot from Creator Insider video on YouTube

As seen in a video posted on Creator Insider’s YouTube channel, content creators can keep their audience engaged with interactive features such as real-time conversations through the Live Chat feature, as well as Live Polls and Q&A.

Viewers can browse the product section on top of the watch feed, and from there they can shop featured products even when the live chat is closed,” said Content Strategist Tra Nguyen.

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When it comes to the buying and checkout process, viewers can seamlessly complete purchases on their devices, with the live stream being minimized and continuing to play in the overlaid video player.

The said feature is currently available to eligible channels, prioritizing content creators under the YouTube Partner Program.

According to a report on Yugatech, the Google-owned video-sharing platform said that they’re planning to expand the said feature to more markets in the upcoming months. You may visit YouTube’s support page for more information.

To recall, Google publicly announced that YouTube Stories feature will be removed on the June 26, 2023 and any Stories that are already posted on the platform on that date “will expire 7 days after they were originally shared”.

The tech company also said that users who wish for alternatives to Stories have two options: Shorts and Community posts.

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