Cesar Montano Has This Fatherhood Advice To Diego Loyzaga

Cesar Montano: “Before I give him advice, I want to make it clear that I am not a perfect father.”

CESAR MONTANO – The actor recently shared fatherhood advice to his son Diego Loyzaga, who is now a new dad.

To recall, Diego posted a photo with his child on his social media account and said, “The best birthday gift ever (heart emoji).” Diego received congratulatory messages from fellow celebrities at that time.

In an interview with Inquirer, Cesar shared what fatherhood advice he can give to his son Diego.

Cesar Montano Diego Loyzaga
Photo: Diego Loyzaga / Instagram

Diego Loyzaga has a daughter named Hailey, according to a report on Inquirer.

Cesar Montano said in an interview with Inquirer that he wants to make it clear before giving advice to his son Diego that he’s “not a perfect father” as he’s still a work in progress.

Before I give him advice, I want to make it clear that I am not a perfect father. I am still a work in progress,” he said. “I have failures and shortcomings. But I grew and learned important things that I want to share with my dear son, Diego.

According to him, he has shortcomings and failures but he grew and learned important things that he wants to share with his son — be present and engaged; be patient and understanding; and lead by example.

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Cesar said that being present and engaged means spending quality time, actively listening to Diego’s daughter, and being involved in Diego’s daughter’s life. He added that Diego should show interest in his daughter’s passions and also encourage his daughter to pursue her dreams.

The actor also said that being patient and understanding means offering guidance and support instead of overreacting or getting too critical, as they navigate the ups and downs of childhood. According to him, kids may make mistakes as they learn and grow.

He added that leading by example means demonstrating the values and behaviors he want his child to emulate. “As a father, you are a role model,” Cesar said.

When asked how he feels about being a grandfather again, Cesar said that he’s proud and he feels so blessed.

I am proud and I feel so blessed. Praise God! Dumarami ang aking angkan. Only a great God can give such a beautiful gift, Hailey,” he said.

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