Awra Briguela Posts Cryptic Messages After Ricci Confirms Breakup with Andrea: “Gaslighter, manipulative cheater”

Minutes after Ricci Rivero confirms his breakup with Andrea Brillantes, comedian Awra Briguela posted some cryptic messages on Twitter

AWRA BRIGUELA – The comedian took to the microblogging site, Twitter wherein he left some cryptic messages, minutes after Ricci Rivero confirmed that he and Andrea Brillantes have broken up.

In a tweet, Ricci acknowledged the mistake of keeping their relationship private and stated that he believed it was unnecessary to share their struggles publicly. He asked for respect and emphasized the importance of preserving their friendship.

Ricci also urged people not to make up false stories or involve others in their situation. He apologized for any disappointments and encouraged everyone to move on peacefully without holding onto negativity.

Ricci Rivero and Andrea Brillantes
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Some netizens criticized Ricci and accused him of cheating, while others speculated about the involvement of a “councilor” in the breakup, although no further information was provided. Andrea has not yet commented on the breakup, leaving her stance on the issue unknown.

Minutes after Ricci issued a statement on Twitter to address their breakup, comedian Awra Briguela took to the microblogging site as well wherein he posted a series of cryptic messages. In the first tweet, he mentioned gaslighting and cheating. “Amackana gaslighter, manipulative. f***ing cheater. lol,” he noted.

Awra Briguela
Photo Credit: Awra Briguela/Instagram

Then, he tweeted about someone who’s feeling clean. “T**g inang toh, kala mo talaga ang linis,” the comedian tweeted. In another tweet, he noted: “bato bato bato sa langit ang matamaan wag?…” It was followed by “WAG AKO” tweet.

As of press time, has yet to issue any reaction with regard to the cryptic tweets of Awra Briguela

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