Woman Seeks Help Online After Toddler Son Turns Milk Powder Into White Sand

Woman Shares Photo of Her Toddler Son Who Turned Milk Into White Sand

A woman sought help from the online community after her toddler son turned his milk powder into white sand.

Phabie Tayag Laurinaria, a netizen with a knack for storytelling, recently shared an amusing incident that involved her 2-year-old child and a rather unexpected use of milk. The post elicits reactions online.

In a photo posted online, the image showcased a room floor covered in what appeared to be white sand, but in reality, was milk powder.


Laurinaria explained that they had taken the precaution of placing their child’s water and milk bottles in a basket inside their room to avoid unnecessary trips outside. Unfortunately, they forgot to place them on the vanity and left them within the little one’s reach.

The child woke up earlier than expected, and upon Phabie and her partner’s awakening, they were greeted with a milk-spattered floor. To their surprise, it wasn’t just milk that had made its way onto the scene but also some clay molds, as if their child mistook the milk for sand and decided to engage in some imaginative play.

The child’s innocent attempt to recreate a beach-like experience using milk left the parents in a mix of astonishment and laughter.

After witnessing the unexpected sight, Phabie and her partner took the opportunity to have a conversation with their little one, gently explaining that spilling milk was not the best idea as it can be quite costly.

“Sabi namin bad ‘yun at ang mahal ng gatas niya haha. Kaya naman laging ilagay sa mataas na lugar ang gatas. Matalino ang mga anak natin. Maraming kayang gawin. Hindi ko nga lubos maisip na kaya niyang buksan ‘yung lagyan niya ng milk hahaah,” she said.

Here is the full post:

Magandang Araw mga kapitbahay pa suggest naman po ng lagayan ng Milk na hindi kayang buksan ng Bata. Hindi po Yan white sand. Gatas nya po yan

The internet users expressed their reactions to the post:

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