Young Lady Find Her “Forever” at Milk Tea Shop

Couple Held Postnup Photoshoot at Milk Tea Shop They’ve First Met

A young lady identified as Charo Dayandayan finally finds her “Forever” at a milk tea shop in SM Ormoc three years ago.

The Facebook page “Anonymous Shots” has shared the postnup shots of its client Charo Dayndayan and Ramier Angelio at a milk tea shop where they have first met. The post earns praises from the social media users.

In the photos, it can be seen that the couple is happily striking different poses at Macao Imperial Tea SM Ormoc. The two ordered their favorite milktea while seizing their very special moment together.

Milk Tea Shop

According to Charo, she and Ramier first met at Macao Imperial Tea on January 7, 2019. Their relationship almost ended there but through the grace of God they remained strong despite all the challenges.

Dayandayan also clarified that the photoshoot was not sponsored by the store. She expressed her gratitude to the milk tea shop for allowing them to use the shop as their venue. Ramier and Charo got married last January 8, 2022 and proceed to the shop for a photoshoot.

Milk Tea Shop

“The reason why our love story started, almost ended, and here we are! Thank you so much to our photographers! G kaayo sa amo suggestions.

This is not sponsored by the said store. However, we are thankful for allowing us to use the store.

More photos soon ,” Charo wrote on her post.

Milk Tea Shop
Milk Tea Shop

The netizens expressed their reactions to the post:

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