Robbery Suspect Caught Riding Stolen Bicycle

Suspect in robbery incident arrested after being caught riding the bicycle he had stolen

THEFT – A man has been arrested after he was caught riding a bicycle that he had stolen since breaking into a house in Quezon City.

The owner of the house said that he and his wife went to Cavite on Saturday. They were surprised when they received a message from their neighbor in Quezon City that their house was open.

As a result, they rushed back to Quezon City and found that the padlock of their house was missing, the door was open, and their belongings were scattered. A bicycle, a TV, and a digital TV receiver were also missing.

stolen bicycle

While they were accompanied by the police, the victims encountered the suspect, identified as Roberto Sabian, 39, on the road riding the stolen bicycle. “Along the way, nakita namin ang magnanakaw, nakasakay siya sa bike namin. Nagsabi na po ako sa police na ‘Sir siya po ‘yun, bike namin ‘yun. Amin po ‘yon, kilala po namin ‘yont,'” said one of the victims.

A chase ensued, and Sabian was caught. Upon his arrest, the suspect admitted to breaking into the victims’ house and taking their belongings. He also revealed that he had used a hairpin to open the padlock. “Pinasok ko po ‘yung bahay nila, pero sa pangangailangan po. Nangangailangan ako kasi meron po akong anak, may sakit po kasi ang anak ko kaya ginawa ko po ‘yun,” Sabian said.

The suspect is facing robbery charges, and this is the sixth time he has been imprisoned for various crimes such as drugs, illegal gambling, and violation of the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act.

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