Rendon Labador Finally Meets Ben Tulfo; Netizen Says, “Kunyari hindi kabado”

Rendon Labador finally meets Ben Tulfo

RENDON LABADOR – The infamous social media influencer has finally met with renowned broadcast journalist Ben Tulfo after personally going to the BITAG office.

Labador, who gained popularity as a “motivational speaker,” fulfilled his promise to meet Tulfo in person. On May 24, 2023, Labador shared a photo of himself and Tulfo on his Facebook page. It was taken at the BITAG headquarters.

The meeting between the two personalities came after a brief feud. Labador had previously referred to Tulfo as an “old man,” while Tulfo retaliated by calling him “Labrador” and a “woman”. Tulfo even addressed Labador to stop talking.

Labador responded to Tulfo’s harsh statements on his Facebook stories, sharing a screenshot from the Bitag Live show. He mentioned that he had waited at the BITAG gate but no one came out. He then pleaded with Tulfo to provide the address of the BITAG office, as he was willing to meet him in person.

However, during their meeting, Labador’s stance towards Tulfo dramatically changed, and he referred to the journalist as his “boss idol.” Labador also mentioned that they had numerous conversations during his visit, indicating a shift in their relationship.

Rendon Labador revealed that BITAG will release a statement on Friday, leaving netizens eagerly waiting to see if the two personalities will collaborate on content. Both Labador and Tulfo are known for making controversial statements, and netizens have expressed a wide range of opinions regarding their meeting.

Their meeting earned mixed reactions from the netizens. Here are some of the comments:

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