Rendon Labador Criticizes Michael V. aka Bitoy: “Laos na kayo!”

Here’s the criticism of Rendon Labador to Michael V. aka Bitoy

RENDON LABADOR – The infamous social media personality voiced criticisms against Michael V., one of the most renowned comedians in the Philippines.

In a Facebook post, Rendon responded to Bitoy’s reminder to content creators, emphasizing the importance of understanding the meaning of ‘content.’ Michael V. stated, “The first thing any ‘content creator’ should understand is the meaning of the word: ‘content’.”

Rendon, in turn, expressed his opinion that Michael V. had already lost his popularity. The motivational speaker strongly believed that influencers had surpassed mainstream media celebrities like Bitoy in terms of popularity.

Rendon Labador and Michael V.
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“INFLUENCERS are the new celebrities! Kung hindi ninyo kayang makipag patalinuhan sa mga INFLUENCERS sa pag produce ng content.. Manahimik nalang kayo. MAINSTREAM IS DEAD!!! Social media is the NEW MAINSTREAM,” Labador asserted.

Netizens were disappointed with Rendon’s comments directed at Michael V., who is highly respected in the country’s entertainment industry. Some also highlighted that Michael V. remained popular, as his show Pepito Manaloto had been on the air for 13 years. As of now, Bitoy has not responded to Rendon’s post.

Meanwhile, Michael V. or Bitoy, whose real name is Beethoven Del Valle Bunagan, is a highly accomplished actor, comedian, and recording artist. He has gained immense popularity through his appearances in the GMA Network shows Bubble Gang and Pepito Manaloto.

One of Michael V.’s notable talents is his ability to create literal “translations” and parodies of popular Filipino and foreign songs. His father named him after the renowned German composer Ludwig van Beethoven when he saw a copy of Beethoven’s LP in his boss’ office, unaware that “Beethoven” is a surname.

On the other hand, the nickname “Bitoy” originated from a kiddie TV character portrayed by comedian Bentot. As a high school student, Beethoven imitated Bentot’s voice after watching his guest appearance in Iskul Bukol. His classmates started calling him “Bitoy,” and the nickname has stuck with him to this day.

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