Ninong Ry to be Impersonated by Michael V. in Upcoming Episode of ‘Bubble Gang’

Michael V. to impersonate Ninong Ry

BITOY X NINONG RY – Michael V. is gearing up to portray the popular food vlogger in an upcoming episode of the Philippines’ longest-running comedy show.

The Kapuso Comedy Genius gave a sneak peek by sharing a photo on Instagram Stories, showcasing his transformation into Ninong Ry’s iconic appearance with a black shirt, black cap, and round eyeglasses. In his post, Michael V. playfully greeted, “Kumusta mga inaanak?”.

Ninong Ry himself was thrilled about the impersonation, as he shared Michael V.’s teaser on Facebook and expressed his excitement, asking if it was for real. The interaction sparked enthusiasm among fans and followers, generating thousands of comments, shares, and over 189,000 reactions.

Ninong Ry and Michael V.
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Recently, Ninong Ry collaborated with actress Bea Alonzo for a cooking challenge featured on her vlog. Additionally, he participated in the online series “Pinoy Christmas in our Hearts,” a joint venture between GMA Public Affairs and YouTube.

As anticipation builds for the forthcoming episode, fans and netizens eagerly await Michael V.’s portrayal of the beloved food vlogger.

Meanwhile, Ninong Ry is a food vlogger and online personality known for his entertaining content related to food and cooking. He gained popularity through his engaging videos where he showcases various recipes, food challenges, and culinary adventures.

Ninong Ry
Photo credit to the owner

With his unique style and humorous approach, Ninong Ry has amassed a significant following on social media platforms, particularly on YouTube and Facebook. His content often features his vibrant personality, witty commentary, and interactions with his viewers, making him a beloved figure in the online food community.

Through his collaborations with other popular personalities and appearances on television shows, Ninong Ry continues to entertain and inspire food enthusiasts with his creative culinary content.

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