Netizens Notice Matching Tattoos of Moira Dela Torre and Zack Tabudlo

Matching tattoos of Moira Dela Torre and Zack Tabudlo

MOIRA DELA TORRE AND ZACK TABUDLO – Netizens noticed that the two OPM singers have the same tattoo.

The rumors about singers the two being romantically involved have resurfaced due to a post made by composer Lolito Go, who had worked with Moira in the past. This post sparked renewed speculation about their relationship and its impact on Moira’s ex-partner, Jason Marvin.

Lolito Go hinted that Moira had wanted to end her relationship with Jason even before he admitted his wrongdoing. According to the composer, Moira had found someone else who would be there for her through thick and thin, someone who would lovingly call her “binibini” and dance with her in the rain. Lolito left it up to readers to guess who he was referring to.

In response to these claims, netizens took it upon themselves to investigate further. Some netizens discovered that Moira and Zack had identical tattoos, suggesting a possible special connection between them. This discovery sparked discussions and opinions among online users as per

One fan named Cohen admitted that the matching tattoos made them consider the validity of the accusations. Another netizen named Mark mentioned that although they were not aware of the matching tattoos, they did notice Moira and Zack frequently wearing similar jewelry, like a bangle and a chain ring.

As of press time, Moira and Zack have not directly addressed the rumors or confirmed the nature of their relationship. The speculation surrounding their alleged romance remains unanswered.

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