Netizens Delighted by Caption in Facebook Post: “Nawawalang dalaga natagpuang nagmamahal”

“Nawawalang dalaga natagpuang nagmamahal” – police

NAWAWALANG DALAGA NATAGPUANG NAGMAMAHAL – Netizens were amused by a Facebook post shared by the police in Alamada, North Cotabato, featuring the discovery of an 18-year-old girl who had been reported missing.

As per the report, it was revealed that she had been with her boyfriend all along. The post’s caption, posted by “Cppo Alamada Mps,” read, “Nawawalang dalaga natagpuang Nagmamahal.”

On May 22, the girl’s parents visited the police station to file a report about her disappearance. Impressively, the police managed to locate her in less than a day. During their interaction at the police station, the girl allegedly disclosed that she willingly went with her boyfriend. As her parents supported their relationship, no legal charges were filed against the boyfriend.

Nawawalang dalaga natagpuang nagmamahal

One of the police officers, identified as “Bernard Abarquez,” explained in the comment section that the parents had given their consent for the post, and the girl’s father did not object to the relationship. The officer urged netizens not to be bitter and emphasized that the couple truly loved each other.

Netizens found the caption of the Facebook post particularly amusing, capturing their attention and generating positive responses. Here are some of the comments according to

“Yung caption ang nagdala hahaha.”

“Ang galing ng caption hahaha.”

“Legal age naman na si ate ghorl…”

“Sana all minamahal…”

“Love… Love… Love… Good job PNP Alamada.”

The playful and light-hearted caption in the Facebook post brought smiles to the netizens’ faces, as they appreciated the police’s sense of humor in their social media update. This incident showcased a positive and heartwarming aspect of the police’s engagement with the community, leaving a pleasant impression on the online audience.

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